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{{Infobox_character|name = Chance Quimples|image = Aa9b9512c8777c27596a8bae26b57598.png|imagecaption = chance in his natural habitat|aliases = Chance, Chanthony Xantano, eggnog + double cup = happiness, Lamborghini Linguini, Alfredo Santana, sucrose saviour, glucose guardian, I Zip Tied My Penis To A Brick, Blueberry Bitchblade, Auntja Mimea,|affiliation = The Lightskin Mafia|marital = Single|gender = Male|height = 6'2"|weight = 275 lbs.|relatives = Calvin (Brother)|birthDate = 06/04|birthPlace = On the Highway (That's where most accidents happen)|species = Unknown}}Chance is a broke ass
He did acid at very young age making him permanently retarded
He got fired on his day off for being a DUMB ASS

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